CLO BAG (mini) - light CAMEL
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NEW "CLO mini" BAG 

RHEEMIN's new design.

Inspired by flowers blooming and falling

Unique hexagonal circular shape petal shape

It resembles a shape reminiscent of a fleshy clover

It is a bag that stands out with a luxurious yet elegant atmosphere.

Six leaf clover has the meaning of miracle and hope.

Full of heart, delivering the freshness of spring

Classic but witty design.

It is a highly versatile bag without worrying about storage thanks to the spacious circular shape inside.

It is recommended for all seasons regardless of the season.

Please note that you must agree to purchase the "CLO" bag to purchase the product.

* This product is domestically produced and self-made.

* Due to the design characteristics of the hexagonal shape, the wrinkles and pressures of the leather are natural.

* The detailed cut may differ slightly from the actual color due to the nature of the material.

COLOR: light camel

SIZE: Width (W): 23cm Height (H): 21cm

Material: out: COW LEATHER (cow leather), in: synthetic leather (synthetic leather)